Full Frame Guiding & Focus

SkySurveyor Suite (SKSS)

Innovations Foresight is pleased to release at NEAIC/NEAF 2018 (April 19th to 22nd) the SkySurveyor Suite featuring our new, patent pending, technology for full frame guiding & focusing. This innovative approach does not require, nor need, any specific guide star for guiding and focusing in real time. Instead any astronomical structures (not only stars) in the whole (full) guider frame is used. SKSS includes SkyGuide, SkyGuard and SkySurveyor for advanced mosaic management.


Continuous Auto-Focus

Developed in partnership with Optec inc the new FocusLock software integrates our patent pending SharpLock technology to provide an easy-to-use focusing application that functions whenever guiding is active. The ONAG cold-mirror introduces a slight astigmatism to the guide image allowing FocusLock to quickly determine on which side of focus the camera is currently positioned. Using SharpLock to easily drive the focuser to the optimal focus position and maintain focus while imaging. Download for only $100. Free 60-day trial.


Full Frame On-Axis Guider

The ONAG XM is the full frame (and up) version of our ON Axis Guider product line. Its imager port supports imaging cameras with chip diagonals up to 50mm, while its guider port supports APS_C chips (up to 28mm in diagonal) for remote operations providing a very large FOV for guiding at once. Therefore with a large guider diagonal there is no need to rotate or use the ONAG integrated X/Y stage for finding a suitable guide star. The ONAG XM features a heavy duty helical focuser for the guider.


On-Axis Guider for APS-C

Our new ONAG® SC for APS-C chips (up to 28mm diagonal) features a new compact and rigid X/Y stage, as well as a much anticipated helical focuser for your guiding camera, which is now standard for all of our ONAG products. The ONAG SC keeps all the great capabilities and specifications of our award winner standard ONAG, now discontinued.


Astronomical wavefront analyzer

The Star Waves Pro II is a complete Shack Hartmann system set to measure wavefronts for telescopes from F/3 to F/20. The analyzer and its software are essential for aberration analysis and instrumental to reach the full potential of your telescope and optical train. It has been designed specifically with astronomical applications in mind.

Innovations Foresight:
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Full Frame Guiding and Focusing

Innovations Foresight is in the process of releasing at NEAIC/NEAF 2018 (April 19th to 22nd) yet a new, patent pending, technology which does not require, nor need, a specific guide star for guiding and focusing in real time. Instead any astronomical structures (not only stars) available in the guider frame is used for auto-guiding & auto-focus. […] Read More.

On Axis Guider Technology (ONAG)

Our patent pending On Axis Guiders (ONAG®) use a high efficiency (>98%) dichroic beam splitter (DBS). The ONAG provides a very wide FOV for (on & off axis) guiding, while the near infrared (NIR) guiding significantly reduces seeing effects on […] Read More.

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