FastFocus for Celestron C14 from OPTEC


FastFocus for Celestron C14 from OPTEC

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FastFocus for Celestron C14 from OPTEC

#19714 – C-14 Secondary Mirror Focusing System (SMFS)

Optec’s FastFocus Secondary Mirror Focusing System (SMFS) with FocusLynx Controller has proven itself to be a singularly unique solution to the limited back-focus of the Celestron EdgeHD telescopes.  With the FastFocus system in place, any Fastar compatible Celestron OTA can function like many professional telescopes where only the secondary mirror moves to adjust the focus. The primary mirror and entire imaging train can be locked in place avoiding flexure and tilt at the image plane.

FastFocus is fully compatible with our SharpLock technology for for fast continuous autofocus using our on axis guider ONAG. This is a wining combination for owners of EdgeHD telescopes who wants high performance auto-guiding and autofocus with minimum backfocus.

Multiple Ways to Connect

The FocusLynx Control Hub acts as the central controller to link the FastFocus to any control PC.   The hub includes communication ports for Serial and USB (using Optec’s USB/Serial cable) and wired Ethernet Network protocols as standard.  An optional WiFi board and antenna can be added and installed at any time.  Focuser 1 and an optional Focuser 2 port are available at the top of the FocusLynx hub with 12VDC Power, Network, optional Hand Control, and Serial connection ports available at the bottom.  An optional aluminum mounting plate makes it easy to mount the FocusLynx Hub to any telescope pier or mount.


Using the ASCOM Local Server model, Optec’s FocusLynx Commander software allows multiple clients to connect simultaneously to the FocusLynx hub.  Additionally, embedded webservers in the wired Ethernet and WiFi connections enable FocusLynx to generate a control interface accessible through any web browser or smartphone. Free Android and iPhone applications search the local network and load the interactive webpages.  Because these pages are generated by the hub itself, once you are connected, there is no further configuration required: just connect to your focusers and enjoy remote wireless focus control with the optional 802.11 WiFi add-on.

Easy Installation with Fastar Compatibility

FastFocus is easily installed taking advantage of the removable secondary mirror of the Celestron Fastar.  Installation and collimation is as simple as the popular Hyperstar f/2 imaging system.

For older older Celestron OTA’s special retrofit kits are available to make them Fastar and FastFocus compatible.  Contact Innovations Foresight for additional details.

FastFocus SMFS focuserfor C-14 package should contain the following:

  • Mirror mount assembly and hardware
  • FocusLynx controller hub
  • 12VDC power supply with cord
  • USB-Serial cable
  • Cat-5e Ethernet cables
  • 5/32″ Ball drivers for 10-32
  • collimation screws
  • 0.050” hex key

Fastfocus for EdgeHD C14 specifications:

  • Mounting: Fits Celestron C-11 and EdgeHD C1400 OTA with Fastar capability
  • Collimation: Integrated push-pull mechanism with six #10-32 socket caps
  • SharpLock ready for continuous real time autofocus
  • Linear bearings: four 0.25″ bore 3/4″ closed circuit linear ball bearings
  • Lead screw: 1/4-20 tpi x 2-inch length
  • Motor: NPM 25mm flanged motor with 25:1 gearhead
  • Step Size: 7.8 micro inch (0.197micron)
  • Total Steps: 44800 steps
  • Total Travel: 0.350 inches (8.9mm) for secondary mirror
  • Net effective focal travel: approx. 8 inches at focal plane
  • Height: 2.75 in. (70mm)
  • Weight: 1 lb. 7 oz. (650 g)


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Additional information

Weight 4 kg


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