Star Waves Pro II wavefront analyzer


Star Waves Pro II wavefront analyzer.



Star Waves Pro II wavefront analyzer.

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The Star Waves Pro II is a complete system set to measure wavefronts from optical systems such as telescope, and/or any system that can produce images from F/3 to F/20.

This system can be inserted into a 2″ eyepiece holder / focuser, and It has an reticular eyepiece allowing star or source centering.

A reference pinhole and its 5V power supply is provided with the Star Waves Pro II for proper calibration. Also one collimator of your choice is included with this product. Please select which one, among the 9 available versions, you wish from the drop list just above the order button.
For further information see the collimator table below for selection.

Visit our eduction page for further information on wavefront analyzer technology.
For documentation, drivers, and software visit our support page.

Nine collimators are available to cover telescopes with F-numbers stretching from F/3 to F/20:

Collimator Minimum F-Number Maximum F-Number
F/3 F/3 F/4
F/3.5 F/3.5 F/5
F/4.1 F/4.1 F/5.8
F/4.7 F/4.7 F/6.5
F/5.9 F/5.9 F/8
F/6.9 F/6.9 F/10
F/9.5 F/9.5 F/13
F/11.5 F/11.5 F/16.5
F/14 F/14 F/20


This video explains how to use this product, click on image to start it.

The Star Waves Pro II comes in a Pelican case.   PelicanLogo



Star Waves Pro II typical specifications:
Camera resolution 5 Mega pixels
Pixel size 2.2×2.2 µm
Microlens pitch 110 µm
Aperture dimensions 4.6 mm diameter
Tilt dynamic range 495 Lambda
Focus dynamic range > 35 min mm curvature radius (1)
Focus dynamic range < 0.06 max N.A (1)
Amount of spots 40×40
Measurement repeatability 2 nm rms
Absolute accuracy 10 nm rms
Camera frame rate at full res. 5 fps
Wavelength range 400 – 1000 nm
Size 40x40x30 mm
Weight 100 g
Power Supply (thru USB) 5 V
Power consumption 3 W
Interface USB 2.0
Operating system XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Working temperature 0 to 40 °C
This product is available only in north America (USA, Canada and Mexico) for other countries please contact our partner ALCOR-SYSTEM
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Additional information

Weight 4 kg

F/3, F/3.5, F/4.1, F4.7, F/5.9, F/6.9, F/9.5, F/11.5, F/14


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