SKW requires a licensee key to be installed and used in a given machine (PC).

License are related to the machine hardware.

SKW requires a mathematical model of the user telescope in order to retrieve the wavefront and to analyze its optics using defocused stars.

Models are SKW license and machine dependent.

There are two kinds of telescope mathematical models:

1. Unlimited (UNL) 
Those models can be used as many time as wanted, there is no limitation.

However an UNL model can only be used with its related SKW license and on the machine for which it has been generated.

2. Pay per use (PPU)

Those models require credits to be used. Credits in the user wallet can be used against any PPU models.

However an PPU model can only be used with its related SKW license and on the machine for which it has been generated.

Permanent credits, trial, are only used by PPU models, if one uses UNL models only with SKW you can skip this topic.

Depending on your need you may want to use UNL and PPU models. For the latter you should load your wallet with credits that will be used by the PPU models. 

To access the credits manager from the SKW interface, click on button.

Then the following dialog box appear:

The credits manager dialog box shows the amount of credits for both trial and permanent PPU models.

Trial credits can only be used with PPU trial models, permanent credits with permanent PPU models.

One credit is deducted for each new raw frame analyzed with SKW only with the score of the coma is greater or equal than 6. 

If you load an image that has already been analyzed once, or you re-analyzed a currently loaded image, SKW will not deduct any credit for analyzing such image anymore. SKW keeps a record of each analyzed image and therefore, if you load and analyze the same image twice or more SKW deducts one credit for this image once only, see limitation below. 

In order to manage memory space SKW remembers up to 50'000 images. Once 50'000 images have been analyzed  SKW forgets the 500 first (oldest) images, and so on, each time a new set of 500 are analyzed. Reanalyzing them will therefore lead to credit deducted for those old images again. In short SKW manages a image buffer of 50,000 images after 50,000 analyzed oldest ones may lead to credit deduction.

Requesting and registering credits works like the requesting and registering a license or a model.

To request new credits, you must :

1. Go the Innovations Foresight Web Site to purchase your credits. 

2. Once purchased you will receive an order number. 

3. Enter the order number in the IF! order # field and click on the request credits button.

4. You can either save the request to a file and send it later by email to or send a email directly to license

5. Once you get your credits back from Innovations Foresight, you must register your credits by clicking the register credits button.

The credits sent following request expire 10 days after been issued if not registered in SKW. Do not wait more than 10 days before registering your credits from Innovations Foresight.

6. When your credits are registered, the following message is displayed :

For testing SKW models, a trail model can be requested. 

Trial model are fully functional and unlimited in term of number of raw image analyzed but limited to a trial period of by default 30 days. 

Usually only one trial model can be requested. Once a trial model is elapsed a a permanent unlimited or PPU model can be ordered and installed as a replacement of the trial model.

Trial model allows to make a coarse mirror alignment, only score below 6 are displayed, when the score is equal or above it is hidden bellow the central blue circle.