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Fast, Continuous Focus for any ASCOM Focuser

Developed in partnership with Optec inc the new FocusLock software integrates patent pending SharpLock technology from innovations foresight to provide an easy-to-use focusing application that functions whenever guiding is active.  When using the ONAG On-Axis Guider a cold-mirror passes infrared light to the guide camera while reflecting visible wavelengths on to the imaging camera.  The cold-mirror introduces a slight astigmatism to the guide image allowing FocusLock to easily determine on which side of focus the camera is currently positioned.

What is FocusLock?

FocusLock is the first method of focus that uses real-time feedback. Most methods of focus, including backlash compensation and temperature compensation, work by modeling the focus against a correlated physical parameter.  These models can then be used to partially correct for changes in focus.  However they cannot correct for any changes that fall outside their models. FocusLock uses a different approach. By introducing a slight astigmatism into the guide image FocusLock is able to detect drifts in focus in real time and correct for them. This means that the system will correct for any source of poor focus, even if that source has not been modeled.

Especially Designed for Innovations Foresight  ONAG

Using FocusLock with the ONAG On-Axis Auto-Guider from Innovations Foresight both imaging and guiding cameras are parfocal and use the same focuser. This means that any change in the focus at the guide camera will also change the focus of the main camera. When FocusLock detects a shift in focus it will correct the focus for both systems, keeping the main camera in perfect focus – all the time.


FocusLock is designed to maintain focus whenever the guide camera is operating. Filter focus offset support for any ASCOM filter wheel is included.  Support for Maxim D/L, The Sky X, PHD 2, or any ASCOM compatible guide camera is supported in this release. Future versions will support more applications in native mode watch for updates.

FocusLock can be downloaded, installed, and used for a trail period of 60 days. This give you the opportunity to try and enjoy FocusLock before you may buy it.

By downloading, or installing this software, the user agrees with the terms and conditions. SharpLock technology and associated hardware/software is patent pending.
Innovations Foresight can not be held responsible for any consequences of using the software.

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