SharpLock for Maxim-DL download

Download of SharpLock for Maxim-DL Software

SharpLock  for Maxim-DL application is no longer available for new download.
It has been replaced with FocusLock, a cross platform software developed in collaboration with OPTEC Inc. FocusLock uses our patent pending SharpLock technology and fully supports Maxim DL, but also The Sky X, PHD 2, and any ASCOM compliant guiding cameras.

Old SharpLock versions without any key activation will stop working by December 31th 2015.

We encourage SharpLock users to migrate to FocusLock, which provides a cross-platform solution, including the access to support and new  periodic releases.
Current SharpLock users owning an ONAG have also the option  to update once, free of charge, to the SharpLock version This option will end by February 28th 2016.
Innovations Foresight is not expecting to provide any support or any new release for SharpLock for Maxim DL application.

Please email your request with your name, address, your current SharpLock for Maxim DL version information, and ONAG serial number at:


SharpLock for MaxIm-DL application software is proprietary of Innovations Foresight, LLC.
This software is provided solely as a courtesy to our customers. Support and help are at Innovations Foresight’s discretion only. This software can not be re-sale, or distributed, even free of charge, without Innovations Foresight authorization.
By downloading, or installing this software, the user agrees with the above terms and conditions. SharpLock and associated software is patent pending.
Innovations Foresight can not be held responsible for any consequences of using the software.

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