SkySurveyor MaxIm-DL 5 download

Download the SkySurveyor Suite version for MaxIm DL 5

IMPORTANT, please read:

SKSS features three different levels of software, SKyGuide for auto-guiding (full frame), SkyGuard for auto-guiding and real time focusing (with an ONAG) and finally SkySurveyor for advanced mosaic management and acquisition
If you are interested on guiding and/or focusing full frame we strongly recommend that you install and request a license for either SkyGuide or SkyGuard only, SkySurveyor can do both but it is a more complex software which requires a longer learning curve and more advanced skills.

We have been informed that some email clients may experience issue when requesting a SKSS license.
If there is any error during this process the license request information (a data structure in text form) should have been copied in the clipboard.
If your machine does not have any email client you have the option to save the request in a file or use the clipboard.
Therefore you can past it (Ctrl-V) in an email or any other window software, such as ‘note’, then save in the file and attach it to an email to be sent to  at
You can contact me at any time using should you need more help and support.

SkySurveyor is a stand-alone application that works with the ASCOM Platform (version 6 or higher), is able to work with MaxIm DL (version 5) and which offers all the necessary tools for conducting demanding mosaic projects: From mosaic planning including the use of multi-bandwidth background images from sky surveys like Digitized Sky Survey (Color), Hydrogen Alpha Full Sky Map, Wise All Sky (Infrared) and many others to automated capturing of images for each tile including telescope slewing, auto-guiding, auto-focusing, filter wheel movements and image capturing.

SkySurveyor suite (SKSS) was designed to provide the easy to use tools for guiding and focusing and to fully automate the wide-field mosaic capture process.

SKSS includes SkyGuide for full frame guiding, SkyGuard for full frame guiding and focusing, and SkySurveyor for full frame guiding and focusing with advanced mosaic imaging and scheduling.

During this 90 day initial trail period SKSS will be upgraded with new features. SKSS will also be updated from user feedback and comments, therefore we do encourage you to contact us with your feedback by sending email at (please add information on the SKSS version, imaging software, hardware/set-up and OS):

SKSS will fully support all ASCOM compliant devices soon allowing the use of most imaging software in the market (not only MaxIm DL).
ASCOM driver and related hardware can be shared between application (such as a imaging software and SKSS) using the OPTEC ASCOM server:

Please read this manual carefully before installing and operating SkySurveyor. Take particular care to align the camera and to calibrate the guider and focuser.

SkySurveyor is a patent pending technology, based on ONAG® solutions from Innovations Foresight for doing full frame auto-guiding and auto-focusing in real time. The full guide frame image is used to correct tracking error, to assess focus and to provide information for moving the focuser in real time, keeping the scope at its best focus, frame after frame.

The software can be download for a 90 days free trail period without any limitation.
An activation key must be requested. During installation you can choose the type of a license and send the request by either email, if you machine has a email server, or save the machine ID in a file or in the clipboard to past to any application. The request should be send at:

Please consult the SKSS user manual for further instruction:

We recommend saving your key (received from you request) in a file such you could reuse it when installing later on any qualified SKSS update, or upgrade

The software download and installation assume the full acceptance of any Innovations Foresight related software license agreements.

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