This chapter provides the required references to other developers who are wanting to interface SkySurveyor programmatically. 

The targeted readers of this documentation are developers. So, if you are not developer you can skip this chapter.

This REST API can be used by external software that want to use to control full frame guiding and full frame focusing capabilities. 

In this first version, the API does not allow to control the mosaic capture features available in SkySurveyor. 

In a way to make an easy to use API, we have used a HTTP based API based on REST architecture.

Below the list of all Web methods exposed by the REST API.

Start SkyGuide/SkyGuard

Open an internet browser on http://localhost:18700/help


As an example, a Powershell script is distributed in the SDK. This example contains a list of web methods that shows how to use the REST API.

The script be found here: “SkyGuard_x86_ASCOM64_MDL6_v3.3.0000.00000\SDK\RESTAPISamples.ps1