SkyGuard cannot be used without a valid license. 

A license is machine dependent. That means you must request a different one for each machine where you want to install SkyGuard.

When you start SkyGuard for the first time or after upgrading the software, the license manager dialog box is automatically displayed.

The same dialog box is used to Request or Register a license.

To request a license, enter your name and a valid email address.

Both fields remain red until a valid name and email address are entered.


Select the type of the license you want to request.

If you want to try it, you can request a trial license. If you already purchased it you can request a permanent license.

To request a permanent license for SkyWave Pro, SkyGuide, and SkyGuard you must enter the order number you have received when you have purchased the license from Innovations Foresight. Without valid order number the request license button remain grayed out. 

SkyWave permanent license is free of charge, you must try or purchase a NN model adapted to the optical features of your telescope separately (See how to request a model for your telescope). Without model you can use SkyWave only for simulation 

When you purchase SkyGuard you can request up to two permanent license for two different machines. To do that, you must install SkyGuard on two different machines and request two permanent licenses (one per machine). 

A license can be requested with three different means :

1. SkyGuard can generate an email containing the request to 

2. SkyGuard can save the request to a text file that can be latter attached to an email that you can send to 

In both cases SkyGuard can copy the request to the clipboard and you can simply paste it into an email that you can send to

To request your license click on the button

Save to file

Once requested SkyGuard will open the following request file save dialog box if the option save request to file is selected: 

You must select a folder, type a file name and click the "Save" button to proceed.

Send by email

Once requested SkyGuard will open the default mailbox software is opened and a request mail is automatically generated for you. 

To finalize your request, just send the email to

In both case SkyGuard automatically copy the request to the clipboard and inform you with the following message box:

Click "OK" to continue and paste the request to an email and send it to