Not available nor applicable with SkyGuide

Focuser calibration must be done before focusing and must be redone after any change of the guider optical train (e.g. guider camera rotation)

To start the focuser calibration, run Invoke-WebRequest "http://localhost:18700/SKSS_StartFocuserCalibration?autoRestoreFocuserPosition=true" 

To achieve proper calibration, the focuser must be set to position 32768. To do that run Invoke-WebRequest "http://localhost:18700/SKSS_MoveFocuserToPosition?steps=32768" 

Once started, the focuser calibration is moving the focuser to calibrate the relative roundness and the system gain.

During calibration, callback events are fired by SkySurveyor and displayed in the REST Callback Listener Powershell console (Bottom left)

To watch the video tutorial you can download the video SKSS_StartFocuserCalibration.avi from and use the Windows Media Player.