Not available nor applicable with SkyGuide

Focusing is using advanced digital image correlation (ADIC) on the whole guider frame to find and correct focus error.

To start the guiding, run Invoke-WebRequest "http://localhost:18700/SKSS_StartFocusing" 

After calibration focuser move is suspended, to resume focuser move execute Invoke-WebRequest "http://localhost:18700/SKSS_ResumeMoveFocuser" 

Once started, the focuser  and the correction are displayed in the guiding plots and the correlation function is show in the guiding correlation view port

During focusing, callback events are fired by SkySurveyor and displayed in the REST Callback Listener Powershell console (Bottom left)

To watch the video tutorial you can download the video SKSS_StartFocusing.avi from and use the Windows Media Player.