SkyWave permanent models for telescopes and PPU credit reloads

SkyWave (SKW) AI based wavefront sensing technology* permanent mathematical models for reflector and refractor telescopes and permanent credit reloads for PPU models.

SKW (as well as SKG) does not require any Internet connection to work, therefore it can be used in remote locations with no, or limited network, access. All the data and model information, as well as credit history, when applicable, are managed and stored locally in the user machine (PC). Permanent models are requested within SKW (see documentation). Alternatively one can ask for one trial model by SKW license. Trial models are limited to coarse collimation (collimation score below 6) and valid for 30 days.

Models are available in two types:

  1. Pay per use (PPU), those models require credits. One credit is debited when a new image (frame) is loaded AND analyzed for the first time by SKW only if the collimation score (based on coma) is at or above 6, the fair (yellow) and good (green) zones. Scores below 6 (based on coma) do not use any credit (require SKW version 4.13 or higher). Also the exact same image can be re-analyzed many time over without any credit deduction too. PPU models come already loaded with permanent credits. Credit reloads can be purchased and permanent credits added to the SKW credit wallet at any time. PPU models are an economical solution.
    Refer to product descriptions for more information.
  2. Unlimited (UNL), those models do not have any limitation nor credit. There are more expensive up front but more flexible.

Models are related, among things, to the telescope type, optical specifications, such as its aperture, intra or extra defocus direction as well as seeing conditions. They are not dependent on the wavelength (if within the specification range), local seeing value, exposure time, nor camera pixel size, those can be changed freely be the user (see model specification for advice and guidance).
Please select the model which fit your telescope.

Please review carefully all the model’s specifications and information before purchasing.

By purchasing any model in this store the customer places an order for such model, there is no model download at the time of purchasing. An IF order number is generated and provided to the customer. It should be saved and used when the customer will then request his model within SKW. Any permanent model request in SKW requires a valid IF order number, known as “IF order #”.
Such order number needs to be available, by purchasing a model in this store, before requesting any permanent model with SKW.
Trial models do not need any order number.

Click here for further information on SKG/SKW license and model management.

After receiving the customer model request generated within SKW (see SKG/SKW documentation on this topic) Innovations Foresight will process it and generate a model. This activity may take several days, or more, depending of the type of models to be generated. Actual models are sent to the customer electronically in the form of an encrypted files related tho the customer license and machine (PC). Once models have been sent to a customer they can not be refunded. For software download, including SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) and SkyWave (SKW), please visit out download page.

For more information please refer to our interactive SKG/SKW help and documentation. We recommend also visiting our SKG/SKW documentation and tutorial page.


PPU models UNL models Upgrade PPU to UNL 32



with no central obstruction
$144 $422 $298 $64 $96 $128
Reflectors aperture up to 330mm (13″) $178 $456 $298 $64 $96 $128
Reflectors aperture greater than 330mm (13″) $264 $592 $348 $64 $96 $128

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* Patent pending


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