About Us

In the Beginning

Innovations Foresight (IF) was founded 2007.

It is a company born from a passion and committed to new innovative solutions for the astronomical community.

Our president, and co-founder, Dr. Gaston Baudat passion for astronomy started many years ago, while he was a kid reading books talking about space exploration and watching the first men walking on the moon. In 1986 he went to Madagascar with his brand new C8 orange tube to take pictures of the Halley’s comet. One of them won an image contest in the French science magazine “Science & Vie”.

Gaston was born in Switzerland near Lausanne, along the Geneva lake (Switzerland). He has a long experience in engineering, as well as in the electronics and optics industries, he holds a PhD. in computer science.

Driven and mission

IF is driven by a spirit of innovation, as well as by joint US and Swiss experience.
We want to share with you our passion and vision for astronomy and new technologies, with a common focus you!
We are on a mission to deliver high quality innovative solutions for astronomers, solving difficult problems, and to go where nobody has gone before, providing you with new tools to enjoy even more this beautiful universe.
Our philosophy is to listen to the voice of the customers, you.
Together there is so much we could do.
IF values very much all comments, suggestions, or ideas.
Please feel free to contact us at any time, you can email us at:



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Let’s keep the dreams alive.
We share your passion for excellence.



Halley comet (scanned from the original Kodak print)

Location: Madagascar April 15th 1986, Ampefy, 20:10h GMT

Scope: Celestron C8 “orange tube” + Canon lens FD 200mm @ f/2.8

Imager: Canon F1

Guider: Manual with eyepiece on C8

Exposure: 10 minutes

Comment: Export authorization from the Magascar office of censorship, officer M. Rasolofoarimamonjy Rakotondramala