Optimal guiding Excel calculator download

Download the optimal guiding Excel calculator

This Excel Spreadsheet calculator provides auto-guiding expected performances and related optimal agressiveness values based on the mount specifications and local seeing conditions.
Click here for a youtube (TAIC) video introduction to optimal guiding.
A full version of the TAIC presentation can be downloaded here.

Assumptions and validity:

– Imager exposure time >> mount time constant >> 1 minute, typically

– Guider exposure time ~ 0.1s≤Δt≤30s

(exposures below 1s are not recommended due to scintillation/high order aberrations of the guide star)

– Auto-guiding correction period = guider exposure time (or close)

– Seeing limited condition  →D>r_0

(under average seeing 2.5” →D>50mm)

– Target outside the guide star isokinetic patch θ_m=0.31 D/h

(under average seeing 2.5”→θ_m≅13D [“], D in meter)

– Mount close loop and target seeing errors add in quadrature

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This spreadsheet is provided “as is”, the use of any result for making any decision, including any purchase, is solely the responsibility of the user.Innovations Foresight cannot be held responsible, nor liable, for any consequence related to the use of this spreadsheet

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