Astronomical Wavefront Analyzer

The new and unique Star Waves Pro II astronomical wavefront analyzer provides detailed information to the nano-meter concerning your optics. Any alignment (collimation) errors and optical aberrations can be exactly quantified in term of Zernike’s coefficients. The resulting wavefront phase […]

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On Axis Guider technology (ONAG)

Our patent pending On Axis Guiders (ONAG®) use a high efficiency (>98%) dichroic beam splitter (DBS). The ONAG provides a very wide FOV for (on & off axis) guiding, while the near infrared (NIR) guiding significantly reduces seeing effects on […]

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FocusLock Real Time Auto-Focus

Fast, Continuous Focus for any ASCOM Focuser Developed in partnership with Optec inc the new FocusLock software integrates our patent pending SharpLock Technology to provide an easy-to-use focusing application that functions whenever guiding is active.  The ONAG cold-mirror introduces a […]

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