SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) & SkyWave (SKW)


-1- SkyGuide features our patented full frame auto-guiding technology.
It does not use explicitly any guide star(s) but instead any astronomical structures available in the guider frame, beside noise.
Therefore SKyGuide does nto make any assumption about the guide star profile nor shape. It does not use any centroid technique either. Our advanced digital correlation algorithm takes care of the job even under very low SNR.
SkyGuide works with any auto-guiding hardware, including OAG, guidesocpe, self guided camera and FW, ONAG, …
SkyGuide also includes SkyWave-Collimator version, see below.

-2- SkyGuard features the same full frame auto-guiding technology than SkyGuide. When used with an ONAG it provide real time (live) autofocus using the full guider frame as well using our patented unique technologies.
SkyGuard also includes SkyWave-Collimator version, see below.

-3- SkyWave (SKW) feature our patent pending AI based wavefront sensing. SKW engine is a true wavefront sensor, similar to a Shack-Hartmann sensor without the related hardware, using your imaging camera instead.
SKW come sin two versions. SKW-Professional, still in the beta phase (nor for sale yet) and SKW-Collimator.

SKW-Collimator version provides quantitative telescope collimation using AI based wavefront sensing technology.
SKW-Collimator analyzes FIT files using our patent pending AI based wavefront sensing technology. It features a user friendly collimator tool and displays the telescope PSF as well as the expected in-focus star image under seeing limited conditions. SKW provides optical quantitative collimation information which is based to wavefront sensing.
SKW-Collimator is a collimation driven version of SKW-Professional with a simplify GUI for telescope alignment by the numbers. It sues the same power full AI based wavefront sensing engine than SKW-Professional.
SKW-Collimator version is includes in SkyGuide and SkyGuard..

SKW Professional
version is on a beta phase. It provides compressive optical data including the wavefront (2D and 3D), the Zernike coefficients, the Seidel’s aberrations, the MTF and much more. It also features the collimator tool available in SKW-Collimator.

SKW requires purchasing a mathematical model for your telescope, see our online store for available models.

For more on SKG/SKW license and model management please refer to our SKG/SKW interactive documentation and specific document (click on the blue hyper links).

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