Download of SkyGuide and SkyGuard (SKG) – Version 4.7.7893

For Windows 32 and 64 bit

Support ASCOM platform 6.5 SP1 or higher & Maxim-DL version 6 or higher (Maxim-DL not required)

If you run a Windows 32 bit OS you need to download  the corresponding SKG 32 bit package, otherwise we recommend the SKG 64 bit version unless some of your ASCOM driver (if you plan to use any ASCOM driver) is only available on a 32 version. In such case you will need to install the SKG 32 version even if you run a Windows 64 bit OS.

Our software SkyGuide and SkyGuard (SKG) provides Innovative tools for astro-imaging which can be downloaded, installed and activated with different levels of license.

SkyGuide features our patented full frame guiding technology.
SkyGuard features our patented full frame guiding AND live (real time) focusing technologies when used with an ONAG.

Although SKG provides a direct native connection to Maxim DL it IS NOT required, nor to be installed in your machine, for using SKG.
Instead you can elect to work through ASCOM connections only with the cameras, FW, mount, focuser, …

To download the proper SKG installation package please fill and submit the SKG form on the right.

Up to 2 temporary 60 days free trial license keys can be requested once (at after the initial installation of SKG (SkyGuide or SkyGuard), follow the software direction.
For further information please consult the SKG documentation.

You will need to send to us your license request which contains your hardware ID, this is machine dependent. This can be done directly with your local email client, if any, in your local machine, or saved in a text file to be attached to an email that you can manually send to us.

We do encourage you to contact us with your feedback by sending email at (please add information on the SKG version, imaging software, hardware/set-up and OS):

Click to the link below for a SkyGuide introduction video, including information on the license request and management. SkyGuard works in a simialr way:

SkyGuide introduction Youtube video

Here is another video about SkyGuard:

As today SBIG does not offer any ASCOM driver for their old camera product lines therefore you would either need to use Maxim-DL to connected and use any SBIG camera/FW (including any guider such as the STi) with SKG, or you could use Sequence Pro Generator (SGP) which connect and control to SKG using our REST API. Alterntively our REST API can be used to control SKG from any software. Feel free to contact us for the API code, documentation, examples, and video tutorial.
Although most ASCOM drivers may feature a HUB such that related hardware can be shared between applications (like between an imaging software and SKS), some do not. In such a situation you could consider using the OPTEC ASCOM server for sharing the hardware:

If you are only interested on guiding we recommend that you install and request a license for SkyGuide only.  SkyGuard needs an ONAG for live auto-focus. When using SkyGuard for the first we recommend starting with auto-guiding first, when comfortable with it then move to the auto-focus part.

SKG requires the ASCOM platform version 6.5 SP1 or higher and a Windows OS version 7 or higher, as well as a minimum of 600 M-byte of disk space.
We STRONGLY suggest to update all your ASCOM drivers to the latest version.

SKSS and SKG and full frame processing (guiding and focusing) is a patented technology from Innovations Foresight (please consult our intellectual property page for further information about our patents). The live auto-focus capability (SkyGuard) requires an ONAG®.
SKG uses the (all) full frame of the camera, usually the guider, however SKG works with any camera including the imager in the context of a single camera solution (no guider).
The all image (the full frame) is used to correct tracking error and to assess focus (when used with an ONAG®) as well as providing information for moving the focuser in real time (live), keeping the scope at its best focus, frame after frame.

We recommend saving your activation key (received from you request) in a file such you could reuse it when installing later on any qualified SKG update, or upgrade

Also you should run SKG at the same Windows level, user or administrator, of any third party software interacting with it, if any, such as Maxim-DL

SkyGuide and SkyGuard installation form (ASCOM 6.5 SP1)

For downloading SkyGuide and SkyGuard (SKG) for ASCOM version 6.5 SP1 or higher and Maxim-DL version 6 or higher please fill this form.

Those are 32 and 64 bits Windows applications. If your Windows OS is a 32 bits or some of your ASCOM drivers are 32 bits only you should download the SKG 32 bits, otherwise we recommend the 64 bits.
Please select the proper installation package, either 32 or 64 bits.


When using Maxim DL the size of the guider frame, received from Maxim-DL, is limited to 1 MPixel. On ASCOM configuration only SKG 32 bits limits the guider frame a 4 MPixel (after binning and/or cropping, if any). The 64 bits version does not have any limitation. After successful submission of this form the page will be refreshed and links to SKG download installation packages will be available at the bottom of the page.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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