Version 5.5  (8563)

See below for the key changes in version 5.5



SkyGuide provides comprehensive auto-guiding via advanced algorithms, using every detail within a guider’s field of view, even at near-zero dB SNRs. It’s compatible with all auto-guiding optical solutions.

SkyGuard extends SkyGuide‘s capabilities, offering real-time auto-focus technology, ensuring continuous critical focus during open-shutter imaging. SkyGuard requires an on axis guider (ONAG) for live auto-focus.

SkyWave uses AI-based wavefront sensing for precise, measurable telescope alignment, aka collimation.

SKG includes the SKW-Collimator version.

P.S: SKG and SKW are patented solutions.

After downloading the relevant installation packages (ZIP format) follow the installation and license management instruction available on our SKG/SKW documentation and interactive help.

SKW requires a mathematical model for each telescope, permanent models are for sale, see on online store.
A SKW trial model is automatically available for every instrument set by the user in SKW.
Trail models are generic and limited to coarse collimation. No information is displayed for score at, or above 6. Some features are disabled. SKG and SKW require a license key.

Please read and fill the form at the bottom of this page, after submission the SKG/SKW download links will be available at the end of this page. You may have to scroll down to access the links.

Key changes on version 5.5:

Stop gap as floating point instead of integer
Fix correction sign issue when focuser is frozen
Minor bug fixes in license manager
Updated contextual help
Fix focuser frozen on error when average is high
Display hints in license manager form
Optimize license and model registration process
Add register button to be able to register existing license file to continue using already delivered license file
Do not notify rejected stars to improve performances.
Improve correlation performance during defocused stars localisation process.
In case of double pass divide by 0.5 the aberrations before plotting defocused PSF
Add Basic Defocus to CSV history.
Fix generation error when model resolution >128×128
Implement SkyWave license self-registration to simplify license registration process.
Embed trial model to avoid requesting trial model.
Add customer name in generated model file name.
Ask to automatically register a previously registered license when installing a new version.
Estimate capture time only for tasks that are ready to capture
Add capture time and altitude estimation to tasks in SKSS
Remove outlier stars rejection notifications
Improve defocused stars localization performances
Manage double pass for reconstructed defocused star
New capture planner in SKSS
Change default values Correlation = 50, SNR = 9, and AutoUpdateCoeff = true.
Display defocus tolerance after connect instead of after first image load.
New feature that allow to define reference coefficients per instrument and to automatically subtract reference from



SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) SkyWave (SKW) installation form (support ASCOM 6.5 SP1 & higher)

For downloading SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) and SkyWave (SKW) support only ASCOM version 6.5 SP1 & higher, please fill this form to access the download packages.

Those are 32 and 64 bits Windows applications. If your Windows OS is a 32 bits or your ASCOM drivers are 32 bits only you should download the SKG 32 bits, otherwise we strongly recommend the 64 bits version.
Please select the proper installation package, either 32 or 64 bits.

When using Maxim DL the size of the guider frame, received from Maxim-DL, is limited to 1 MPixel. When using an ASCOM driver for the guider (without Maxim-DL) SKG 32 bits limits the guider frame a 4 MPixel (after binning and/or cropping, if any). The 64 bits version does not have any limitation beside the local machine (PC) central memory.
After successful submission of this form the SKG/SKW downlaod page will be refreshed and links to all SKG/SKW download installation packages (ZIP format) will be available at the bottom of the page. Use the Windows's installer, extension .msi, for the installation. After initial installation and the first software run a license manager window pops up for either request or register a license.
Microsoft stopped all support for Windows 7 since January 2020. We strongly suggest to consider migrating to Windows 10 or higher versions. Innovations Foresight cannot guaranty Windows 7 support in the future

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