SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) & SkyWave (SKW) Download (ASCOM 6.5 SP1 & higher)

Version 5.1  (8417.38729)

See below for the key changes and related consequences of version 5.1



SkyGuide and SkyGuard (SKG) feature our full frame auto-guiding and live (real time) auto-focus patented technology.

SkyGuide performs auto-guiding using the all guider fame regardless of its size (diagonal). Instead of relaying on a guide star(s) and its centroid(s) SkyGuide processes the all (full) guider frame using any astronomical structure available for retrieving auto-guiding information through advanced digital image correction algorithms.
There is no explicit use of any guide star, nor any assumption are made in term of star profile and shape, anything on the guider FOV is used for guiding, beside noise.This techniques allows auto-guiding with SNR near zero dB (or 1x), you may not see anything in the guider frame yet SkyGuide will be able to do auto-guiding.
SkyGuide works with any auto-guiding optical solutions, such as OAG, ONAG, guidescope, self-guided camera/FW, …

SkyGuard offers the same great full frame auto-guiding capability than SkyGuide. For ONAG user it also features our full frame live (real time) auto-focus technology.
In this contest it will keep you telescope at its critical focus all the time even during imaging when the imager shutter is wide opened.

SkyWave uses our patented AI based wavefront sensing (AIWFS) technology proving accurate and quantitative, by the numbers, telescope alignment, aka collimation.

SKG includes SKW-Collimator version.

Key changes and related consequences of version 4.20:

Display star number in selected stars drop down
Add license agreement in distribution package
Hide rotating targe in collimator when no aberrations are selected
Make defocused star crop more visible in raw frame
Manage flip X and Y in PSF, WaveFront view ports
Flip Theta according to flip X an Y check boxes states
Reverse aberration signs according to flip X and Y check boxes states
Calculate field tilt from field curvature if CN is valid
Do not display a message when guider calibration is done from the east side of the meridian
Do not flip neural network input matrix when flip axis checkboxes are checked while loading raw frame
Fix wrong tilt angle signs  (SKW Pro only)
Stop encircled energy plot when scope EE is greater or equal 85% (SKW Pro only)
Fix defocused star flip X and Y in 2D and 3D plots
Add AIWF patent to splash screens
New selected defocused stars overlay
Display star summary in view port label that match the selected pixel in view port
Fix field aberrations 2D and 3D plots orientation issues (SKW Pro only)
Bind field aberrations 2D and 3D plots to flip X and Y check boxes
End EE plot when 85% of total energy is reached (SKW Pro only)
Display number of selected stars
Display radius for 50% and 80% of encircled energy (SKW Pro only)
Avoid crash if Cef.Initialize return false
Update SkyWave Pro UI in other license levels
Set image minimum equal or above 0 at the load time
Fix median = 0 in view ports
Add StdR in view ports
Fix inverted X and Y axis in 3D plots
Object reference not set in token request fixed
Minor bug fixes

After downloading the relevant installation packages (ZIP format) follow the installation and license management instruction available on our SKG/SKW documentation and interactive help.
SKW requires a mathematical model for each telescope, permanent models are for sale, one trial model can be requested by license, see on online store.SKG and SKW require a license key.

Please read and fill the form below, when done the SKG/SKW download links will be available at the end of this page.

SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) SkyWave (SKW) installation form (support ASCOM 6.5 SP1 & higher)

For downloading SkyGuide, SkyGuard (SKG) and SkyWave (SKW) support only ASCOM version 6.5 SP1 & higher, please fill this form to access the download packages.

Those are 32 and 64 bits Windows applications. If your Windows OS is a 32 bits or your ASCOM drivers are 32 bits only you should download the SKG 32 bits, otherwise we strongly recommend the 64 bits version.
Please select the proper installation package, either 32 or 64 bits.

When using Maxim DL the size of the guider frame, received from Maxim-DL, is limited to 1 MPixel. When using an ASCOM driver for the guider (without Maxim-DL) SKG 32 bits limits the guider frame a 4 MPixel (after binning and/or cropping, if any). The 64 bits version does not have any limitation beside the local machine (PC) central memory.
After successful submission of this form the SKG/SKW downlaod page will be refreshed and links to all SKG/SKW download installation packages (ZIP format) will be available at the bottom of the page. Use the Windows's installer, extension .msi, for the installation. After initial installation and the first software run a license manager window pops up for either request or register a license.
Microsoft stopped all support for Windows 7 since January 2020. We strongly suggest to consider migrating to Windows 10 or higher versions. Innovations Foresight cannot guaranty Windows 7 support in the future

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