Our patent pending On Axis Guiders (ONAG®) use a high efficiency (>98%) dichroic beam splitter (DBS).

The ONAG provides a very wide FOV for (on & off axis) guiding, while the near infrared (NIR) guiding significantly reduces seeing effects on tracking, up to 70%.

Its DBS reflects the visible light from the telescope to the imaging camera and passes the NIR light (>750nm), which is usually useless for imaging purposes anyway, to the guiding camera for auto-guiding.

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The ONAG has an integrated X/Y stage for your guider for selecting the guide star. As a matter of fact the ONAG allows for ON, as well as OFF axis, operations presenting you scope FOV to your guider. And since there is no rotation involved for acquiring a guide star you can reuse your flat frames over and over again. All ONAG products feature a new, most anticipated, helical focuser for your guiding camera.

With a large chip guiding camera the ONAG offers the unique opportunity for multi-star auto-guidging (supported by some software) using your main scope instead of a guide scope, eliminating any differential flexure issues.
This is also a good option for remote/automated setups since it doe not require adjusting the X/Y stage, just keep and lock it on axis.

Better the ONAG enables true real time auto-focus operations, where your scope is kept at best focus while imaging. No need for any time consuming periodic re-focusing anymore, thanks to our patent pending SharpLock technology, only available with our ONAG.

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